Executive Summary

NESSIS Developments, a company formed to offer more than just a Professional Building service.

We could quote all the cliché statements like quality guaranteed and exceed expectations but we aren’t your average building company.

Many decades of industry knowledge and countless hours of practical experience have highlighted to us what the building industry is in desperate need of, plain and simply…….Respect and Communication.

Respect for all people involved within our company and for all people that interact with us, this combined with clear and precise communication is what makes our service comfortable.

As professional builders, we also understand that patience combined with the allocation of time; to fully understand what the client seeks is paramount. This then gives us the knowledge needed to detail to the client the product that will be delivered.

As company directors, we have made it our duty to keep up to date with industry knowledge, trends and resources then take the responsibility of handing that knowledge to you, our client in order to give you the power you need to make the decision best suited to you.

Whether its domestic or commercial construction, it doesn’t have to be a long daunting task, as long as there is mutual respect, confidence in your builder and above all communication.

So please browse our site, even give us a call and discover how we do things just that little bit different.