Occupational Health & Safety

At Nessis developments we take the occupational health and safety (OH&S) of all personnel involved within our company and of all people both directly and indirectly affected as a result of our work very seriously.

As we are involved in construction, a high risk industry even with all the safety systems in place. Our site personnel are extensively educated in OH&S and adopt an approachable attitude with the willingness to help, no matter what the scale of concern.

We can produce, implement and evaluate safety systems as professionals, but none of these systems are effective without the willingness to understand, adopt and take the time to adhere too.


So we kindly ask and only once, that you work safely at our work places and consider the public and your work colleges while you are at work.

With the aforementioned said and for those who will still resort to unsafe work practices, ask yourself the following question…

How would your family be without you?

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